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Music and Moisture Are Not Perfect Matches: Opera Houses Damaged by Water

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Below are some examples of the clash of sounds: the sounds of stormy rains and the sounds of music. If you’re a regular opera-goer or simply interested in the music of the heart then you may want to read up on these short stories about opera houses which have had to face the music.

Deutsche Oper (Germany): In January of 2018 the Berlin Ballet Company was unable to perform, wait for it: Swan Lake. The watery situation was caused by a problematic sprinkler system which went rogue and flooded the entire stage, leading to extensive water damage.  This forced managers to redirect performances on an alternative ‘Black Stage’ devoid of illumination and appropriate scenery.

The Wortham Theatre (United States of America): A part of the Houston Grand Opera, the Wortham Theatre was threatened by storms in 2017, which sent water into the front of the house areas and the Brown Theatre stage leaving residue and damaging to the top of the Brown stage in its wake.

Cullen Theatre (United States of America): Also a part of the Houston Grand Opera, the Cullen Theatre was affected by torrential downpour which left the basement of the building as well as the Theatre District completely deluged.

The Palau de les Arts (Spain): This structure cost a hefty 332 million Euros to construct but was made to look cheap in 2007 when a severe downpour damaged the building’s electrical and cooling systems while rendering the rehearsal areas and side theatre unusable.

The Boston Opera House: When the Opera Company of Boston went bankrupt in 1991, the Boston Opera House underwent serious negative transformation. Perhaps degradation is a better word because the building’s highly ornamented plaster interior was damaged by water. Thankfully the building was designated a landmark and restored in 1999.

The Springer Opera House (United States of America): in 2017, managers of the Springer Opera House launched a campaign to repair parts of the building such as water leaks to a ceiling which occurred as a result of water seeping out from the impaired roof. Further damage included mold which formed in the basement.

The Jersey Opera House: Aggressive sea waves smashed into the Jersey Opera House in 2008, overcoming sea wall defences, to drench the building’s foyer in more than six inches of water and damaging computers and the electricity supply.

The Semperoper Opera House (Germany): Originally built in 1841 by Gottfried Semper this historic building faced a massive threat in 2002 during the Elbe floods which required extensive repairs due to water damage.


The Fredonia Opera House (United States of America): Is today an ornate and well appointed structure, but it was once in ruins more than eight decades ago when its frescoed ceiling was damaged by water and eventually replaced with the tin ceiling that’s still there today.

Teatro Royal or Royal Theatre (Spain): This is a truly magnificent opera house known for its exceedingly beautiful acoustics. It was first built in 1708, demolished and rebuilt in 1818. The grand structure had to be closed to the public in 1925 due to shaky foundations caused by water flow beneath the grounds. It was reopened in 1965, and endured another closure between the 1980s and 1990s but has continued to open its doors to the public.


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Are you a music artist with some aspirations of becoming famous and known for being a musician? Do you want to create your own album with your original songs and music? This is probably an aspiration and dream of every music artist all throughout the world.

music artist

Every music artist would surely love to produce their original songs and distribute those albums all over the world. It is a way of sharing their talents, their music, and even the meaning behind every lyrics of the song. For musicians, it is a dream come true to have their original songs got to be recorded and reproduced. It is a way of having their kind of music exposed and shared with other people who can share the same sentiments with their music as well.

This is the very reason why a lot of musicians are encouraged to make their own music by recording it formally. It is important to have a studio that can provide a good system for the music artists’ audio recording whether it would be a solo artist, a duo, a trio, or even if it is a band. It is good to cater all kinds of groups during the recording.


It is also important to take note that a recording studio should be sound proof. One important thing as well would be the high quality microphones and recording gadgets or machines so that it would be easier to edit and it would come up with a good output for the finalization of the song or music.

audio recording

On the other hand, one variable that is often taken for granted is the ventilation system in a recording studio. It is very important to have good ventilation since a musician should have a comfortable feeling while doing the audio recording. So it would be best and advisable if the recording studio would have an air conditioning (AC) system that looks like it was done and maintained by spring hill fl ac repair.

If these factors are very well prepared in an audio recording studio, then for sure there would be no more hindrances and obstacles to finally create and produce a musician or a band’s very own original song.


Every artist in this world was not born as an instant pro. Every pro artist in this world has undergone in being in the level of an amateur first. These God-given talents have not popped out in an instant out of the blue. That is why constant practice is needed in order to develop and harness one’s talent. So in audio recordings, it is important to have a series of practice sessions for the music artists before entering into the final recording.


It is indeed an important factor to have a good quality of voice, or have the instruments checked during these sessions. A lot of audio recording studios have different rates, sometimes; some good and high quality audio recording studios have a much higher price. So being there for the audio recording should also entail the preparedness and being with your best foot forward.



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In the world of music, being in a band can totally help you in harnessing and developing your skills as a musician or as a vocalist. In a band, there would be a lot of required practice sessions and performance that would make you as an artist become more perseverant, more industrious, and even more hard working in the field of music industry. You will be forced to love the art and passion for music arts willingly.

Every people in this world surely love to listen to music. It is actually one of the things that makes the world go round. It only means that through music arts, a lot of people would find entertainment, refreshing and relaxing feeling, peace, serenity, and most importantly, people find the comfort that they cannot see in people.


Who would not love to watch bands perform live during some events or gigs? All people would love to take time to listen and watch bands perform. Who would not love to independent, pop, alternative, and other kinds of music? There are actually a lot of music genres out there that are just waiting to be discovered. Out of these thousands or hundreds of music genres, there are also a lot of people who would care to listen to one particular genre. There are a lot of people who would love to different genre depending on their preference.

There are a lot of people who are hooked up with listening to different bands. So creating a band would surely help you as an artist to become a good musician. Whether you are a vocalist, a rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist, bassist, keyboard pianist, or maybe a drummer, then you will now have the chance of building the right self-confidence, and the right quality of rhythm and melody.


As a music artist, it is important to have a constant practice. However, if you would be taking a journey in the world of music industry, it would be better if you are going to take it along with people who can help you develop your talent and passion. In creating a band, it would be good for you to stop being in a stagnant condition where you would lose all the hope of performing locally, nationwide level, and probably even in the international level.

Being with a group can help you appreciate collective and united action in keeping your nerves in music alive and happy once more with the company of other people as well. It would be helpful as you will be required to join regular practices. This would surely help you hone your wonderful voice, or music instrument manipulation.


How lonely would a ride be without the group of people who can understand your passion and love for music arts, right?


There are hundreds and even thousands of music artists out there who would love to create or form a band but they just do not know where to start. But that is not going to be a problem anymore. Since there are plenty of them out there who are just waiting for the opportunity to come, you can initiate the action in order to form one. It is important to take the lead or else, your dream in becoming a good and wonderful music artist would be hard to pursue.


So just simply know if there are any music artists out there who are interested to join or create a band. Show the people your interest in forming one and ask the people around you if they know someone who can help you in forming a new band of your own.

You might as well post some signage out there expressing how much you would love to hear other musical outputs and performance by other music artists. You can tell them that you are interested in forming a band where their talent will be collaborated with other types of music as well by forming a legit music band.

You can also express this intent of yours through social media since a lot of young people today are hooked up with Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, linked in, YouTube, and all the other available social media networking sites that are trending and famous around the corner. You can simply make a status post saying that you would love to hear other people who are interested in forming a band with you.


There are probably tons of people who would express their interest with your proposal and search for band members. Now, it would be a great time for you to select the right people. First, you have to listen to those people who have shown their interest in joining the band. However, there are a lot of prerequisites.

You are not just creating a band for the sake of compliance, right? So you would surely need people who will be there in good and in bad times in the world of music. It is also important to have people who are committed and passionate about this one. Creating a band is not just as simple as creating a mainstream group of friends.


This group that you are about to create is something much more serious than the usual. It needs a lot of effort, hard work, patience, uniqueness, and creativity. So better be sure to pick the right people. First off, you should know the type of genre music that they are into. From this point of view, you would know which people are fit for the kind of band that you would like to form.

If you are in an alternative rock kind of music genre, and the people who have shown interest in joining the band are into jazz music, how would you associate and how would you collaborate with each other’s talent in one band? That would be a difficult task for you, right? So it is best to cope up with people who have the same music genre with you. But also keep in mind that you should be open with other music genres as well. Because there are a lot of totally opposite music genres that can be associated with each other such as classic and heavy metal music genre.

There are a lot of options for you to take. But just make sure that the people that you would choose would be open for deeper relationships such as friendship beyond the strata of just being band mates.

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